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Gaels 96 U-11 PAGS Champions Fall 07

November 23, 2007—The Gaels 96 earned the PAGS Championship title of the Premiership Barca Division this past Sunday, by defeating the HMMS Super Eagles 2-1. It was a game full of action and excitement as both teams went on the attack as soon as the starting whistle was blown. Under very cold conditions indicative of traditional November weather, the Gaels scored their first goal in the first half, a lead that they took into halftime. In the second half, HMMS tied the score and when the game looked like it was going into overtime, our girls scored the winning goal with 2 minutes left in the game. The day before, the Gaels reached the final game by overcoming the FC Bucks Fury 1-0 on another very competitive game. This is the first League Championship for our girls, who finished the regular season in first place with a combined record of 8-1-2. Congratulations to our players, parents and coaching staff!



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